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nilathiel [userpic]

Trying out Multiply

May 7th, 2007 (05:11 pm)

This is very new to me so I'll be feeling around. ;) Tweaking here and there.

nilathiel [userpic]

Quiz happy!

March 29th, 2007 (10:02 pm)

Handwriting Analysis

What does your handwriting say about YOU?

I'll post up an entry later. Study mode first! I have an online exam due in 2 hours! Omg I haven't studied a bit!

nilathiel [userpic]


March 22nd, 2007 (04:36 pm)

She feels : giggly

I've been pretty much busy with school, my DS and writing lately. I'll try to revive this thing again. Give me time. ;)

Just letting you know I'm still alive.

nilathiel [userpic]


September 11th, 2006 (06:43 pm)

Just tripping guys. :P

nilathiel [userpic]

Trolls Attack!

July 24th, 2006 (11:13 am)

She feels : amused

Trolls have invaded my lj! lol It's depressing to think that this is LUG's response to a customer's complaint. Rending personal attacks to a friend. So this is LUG, the professional in the gaming industry.

How "professional" can you get?

Well if you wanted to keep your customers, you're doing the exact opposite. These trolls show me how their service has gone to a steep decline.

nilathiel [userpic]

Insufficient information?

July 21st, 2006 (07:11 am)

My friend sent a report to LUG's Customer Support regarding the hexed clients used in siege. We sent numerous screenshots of the same priest saying that he sees us when we are cloaked. And you know what was the reply?

Thank you for writing to Level-Up Customer Support regarding this incident.

We regret to inform you that we cannot penalize the offending account due to insufficient information. Screenshots would not be enough to prove your claim that the player is using a hexed client.

What a response. They wouldn't even look into the matter. See why people don't want to air their grievances like I would? Because they feel they won't be heard.

nilathiel [userpic]

A Message to LUG

July 20th, 2006 (06:31 pm)

She feels : determined

(Okay. That cat doesn't look determined.)

I have been a player of Ragnarok Online for 3 years. Now that I'm in the US and my mom in the Philippines, I have gotten to play still to my surprise. I somewhat expected the foreign IP ban to stop me. But it didn't. I just double-clicked the icon and boom. I'm in. It took all of my friends by surprise.


"She's back!"

"Are you in the Philippines?"


That was March. I played early mornings, just to be able to fight in the Wars of Emperium. But I made friends. ^_^ So it's all good.

I got married to my bestfriend, Rheisz. I frequented PVP rooms. I moderated for the server boards. But all that has passed. On August 1, I will retire from all of it.

Rheisz, now my boyfriend, will be all there is of that. Well of course, friendships won't fade. :)

My guild, Alarius Eversor, fought the wars without rest. We worked to reach the 4th place but sadly, we didn't make it. The other guilds fashioned hexed clients and bot-controlled defenders (evidence of which lies here. In this screenie, my character was cloaked but the priest took the liberty of making a chatroom saying that he sees me. I moved away from him but he followed me and laughed several times.

In lieu of their tactics, we planned our final approach. We used a tactic that was written in the Ragnarok Online Guide Book published some time ago. We checked in the rules for RPC and there was no mention of such. So we used it. In result, we took 18 castles for ourselves. It was a bug that we used to our advantage. But LUG chose to discredit that siege and do nothing to prevent that from happening in later battles. Other guilds used that tactic to maintain their position in the Agit Lord scoring.

We were asked why we actually did this. Our enemies cried foul about this yet used it on their own battles. But actually, we did this to bring things into LUG's attention. They wouldn't pay attention to us anyway if we didn't do something astounding (both negative and positive). LUG's service has been very disappointing. Either that or they choose to remain ignorant to the concerns of their customers.

Before Lighthalzen came into the commercial servers, me and my friends hoped that the bots would be removed. Bots have been overly tolerated. I was most disappointed about the contradicting statements published by INQ7 and LUG itself. At this point, I really thought something was not going to happen. Come Lighthalzen, I deemed myself correct. The anti-bot scheme was a failure... or rather, a no-show.

What do I actually mean to say?

Wake up, LUG! Open your eyes to the truth that is the weakness of your service. Perhaps this livejournal may not be enough to convince you to do something. But see that many share my grievances yet hesitate to air them all out. Why? They fear that they will not be heard. What would they do? A simple harassment case, they cannot deal with (I have made a lot of these. Only 1 resulted with a ban). What more a larger one?

Here is a link to my friend's page --> Click here!

nilathiel [userpic]

Hell Relived

July 1st, 2006 (08:30 pm)

Prom night was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. It was the one time I got to dance with my love without having to worry about my parents seeing me. Ironic though, this night has been distorted by a nightmare.

The ballroom was huge, heavily adorned by flowers. Drapes fell over the walls as eyelids would over eyes. Soft music played that night, urging the couples to move and waltz in the dance floor. Arms around waists and shoulders, people swayed softly with the enchanting melody.

My date smiled at me, pulling at my hand. He was uring me to dance with him. My mouth gaped open, ready to object, but my feet moved of its own accord. We walked towards the dance floor, hand in hand. He slipped his arms around my waist and placed my arms on his shoulders. It was only then that I noticed how well he carried himself. He had straight posture, an ever-present smile and strong-built shoulders. His hands were thick-skinned and calloused, evidence of hard work. Whatever work that was, I didn't care. What mattered to me was at present. I was in his arms and him in mine.

"Don't get too comfortable with her. She'll just use you like she did to me," a familiar voice jeered at us, obviously meaning to catch me off guard.

I turned towards the source of the voice, a surge of emotion raging in my chest. There, I saw the face that has haunted me for almost a year now. Mordred. But before I could say anything, a hand tugged at my elbow, holding me back.

"Let it go," my date urged, pulling a bit more forcefully.

But my heart cried and bled that instant, begging me to let it all out.

"I've admitted to that mistake, Mordred! The only thing I will not admit to is writing those letters! I had nothing to with it! You have given no evidence to prove that I did it!"

Before I finished, Mordred lunged towards me, knife in hand. Where it came from, I did not see, but I was very sure it was buried in my right shoulder, narrowly missing my lung and heart. Half of my soul wished it didn't miss.

People began to scream, some trying to pry him away from me. My date pulled him to his feet and landed a blow across his face. Mordred was on the ground again. But I was sure he relished the fact that I myself lay bleeding.

I felt the warm liquid oozing from my shoulder, the flesh around the wound seemingly numb. I wanted to go home. I wanted to be safe. My prom had become my hell past the City of Dis. But at the same time, I wanted to cry, to remain bleeding on that floor. Better to end it now than not...

"Come with me.. I'll get you out of here."

It was my date. He lifted me from the ground, carrying me back to the hall where we came through at the beginning of the evening. I leaned against his shoulder, breathing in his perfume. The smell was intoxicating. When I opened my eyes, all I could see was the red rose that perched itself on his coat.

The next thing I could remember was the interior of his car. He was driving. I was in the seat beside him. My shoulder was still numb. A handkerchief was pressed on tightly on it by another handkerchief. I wanted to speak but my throat was dry. The best sound that I could muster was a sigh.

"They say, everytime a person sighs, a part of his soul escapes his body," he said, a small smile tugging at the sides of his lips.

I smiled and closed my eyes, feeling an odd sense of security blanketing my consciousness.

"You'll be okay... I'llt ake you someplace safe..."

His words echoed in my head as I woke. I still felt scared though. I know how vulnerable I still am. I wish I was still safe in his arms.

nilathiel [userpic]

Redemption Denied

May 22nd, 2006 (08:28 pm)

She feels : contemplative

When I die, I can tell what St. Peter would say to me if I came up to him before the gates of Heaven.

"Access denied."

I somewhat expected that.

I realized that man can never cease to pull others down. Honestly, I couldn't care as much anymore. It was none of my doing. The people only needed someone to blame. So that is my role.

What blame was put on me, until now, I believe is evidence of their inability to forget. I will only remain passive about it. I've shed enough tears over them.

On a lighter note, I've come into terms with a lost love. He's moved on. So have I. I believe it's time to let a new love blossom.

We'll move on. Together.

More thoughts come tomorrow.

nilathiel [userpic]

Dreams were never for the wicked...

May 16th, 2006 (07:30 pm)

She feels : contemplative
She hums : Fish Silent Cruise - Yoko Kanno

I was working as a nurse. I was in an old lady's room. She was struck with breast cancer. While I was working on her, she caught me daydreaming.

"You're blooming..." she said, a knowing smile on her lips.

I noticed myself smiling too. Was it there when I started drifting off or just now? I confided in her, saying that it would be my meeting with a friend after so long. She nodded and said nothing. But that smile never left her lips. After work, I drove off to the park where we arranged our meeting. It was beside the beach so it was warm. I hadn't changed from my work clothes, so instead, I put on a bit of make up. Contented as I looked at myself in the rear-view mirror, I stepped out of the car, slowly walking to where we were supposed to meet. I'd practice several lines in my head: what to say when we see each other again. "Hey." or "Hey you." or "Hey stranger." Would I kiss you? Or would I just hug you? In my mind was a turmoil of thoughts, each debating which was the better one. With final resolve, I sighed and thought the first idea was good.

I could see the sun sink into the horizon from where I stood. The sky bled orange, making me wonder if you would even recognize me. I look older now. The chubby cheeks you used to pinch ever so often had sunken. Lines had grown from under my eyes, a sign of lack of rest and sleep. My hands have grown crooked, lacking the gentle manner I used to display. I changed from a raging spirit to a somber soul. I also wondered what had happened to you. If you had changed from your violent demeanor.

I looked towards where we were supposed to see each other. There was a railing that separated the beach from the concrete sidewalk. Along it was a lamp post. Beside it was a bench. But you weren't anywhere near the area. I sighed, silently berating myself for having gone too early. You promised dinner. When I looked at my watch, it was 6:45pm. Yeah, dinner, I thought. Sighing again, I leaned against the railing, looking out into the horizon. There was a couple there in the sand with their little boy. The child was giggling happily, sitting inside his sand castle. He had that sense of security only his castle could provide. The sense of not having to run from anything. I wished I had my own castle.

Trying not to think too much again, I closed my eyes and listened around me. The echoes of the raging waves was eminent. But the footsteps of people seemingly drowned everything else. Each step taken was accompanied by another. The sound passed around me, telling me that they were couples passing by with their own directions. I kept listening till I heard footsteps with the strangest familiarity. The sound was solid and unwavering. I was sure this person had a purpose. But as I listened more to the enchanting set of footsteps, it stopped. For a moment, I waited for the sound to resume. It seemed like I waited for more than 15 minutes but it still did not continue. Can it be? I opened my eyes and turned around.

There, you stood with the same calm composure you had when we first met. Your lips had that same lopsided smile, a reminder of the child in you. You were dressed like a man on a business trip, a nice suit and pants with the shiniest black leather shoes I have ever seen. In you rright hand was a bouquet of blooming red roses. I exhaled, realizing that I was holding in my breath for quite some time. Seeing you again was simply breathtaking. What happened after that, I could not recall. You could've hugged me. Or kissed me. My prepared greeting never slipped from my lips though. But does it matter? You're here.. You're here...

You're so dressed up...

I know...

But I didn't get ready...

Don't worry... We'll pick up a dress for you before dinner...

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